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Here are some screenshots of the flash image on

Take a look.


A Face Is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749

Buried in a list of 20 million Web search queries collected by AOL and recently released on the Internet is user No. 4417749. The number was assigned by the company to protect the searcher’s anonymity, but it was not much of a shield.

No. 4417749 conducted hundreds of searches over a three-month period on topics ranging from “numb fingers” to “60 single men” to “dog that urinates on everything.”

And search by search, click by click, the identity of AOL user No. 4417749 became easier to discern. There are queries for “landscapers in Lilburn, Ga,” several people with the last name Arnold and “homes sold in shadow lake subdivision gwinnett county georgia.”

It did not take much investigating to follow that data trail to Thelma Arnold, a 62-year-old widow who lives in Lilburn, Ga., frequently researches her friends’ medical ailments and loves her three dogs. “Those are my searches,” she said, after a reporter read part of the list to her.

AOL removed the search data from its site over the weekend and apologized for its release, saying it was an unauthorized move by a team that had hoped it would benefit academic researchers.

In the privacy of her four-bedroom home, Ms. Arnold searched for the answers to scores of life’s questions, big and small. How could she buy “school supplies for Iraq children”? What is the “safest place to live”? What is “the best season to visit Italy”?

Is anyone safe on the internet? Is it private?! I don’t think so..

Graphic Designs > Feel Design

Last week a new up and coming design company called Feel Design contacted me and asked for some help with their logo.

Feel Design is a company that specialises in publishing free-lance designers on a web-based database allowing people in-need to find the designer they want!

It will work similarly too what Facebook does. In which each designer will have a page to upload some of their work, and express them selves digitally.

Here shows some logos I designed. I’m stilling waiting for feed-back from them.. But will keep you posted!

Web development > boosts creativity

In any creative project or assignment, research is the key to success.

Take for example a graphic design. You’ve got your brief and story boards. Next stop is to make the decision of what platform to use software/hardware ect…

Before you can even begin to design the graphic research needs to be made.

And without the web this would be virtually impossible. A simple Google search of Graphic Design Ideas or Tips would bring up millions of peoples opinions and previous experience. This is a truly fantastic feature of the web, and really needs to be praised by its idealism.

In the previous television program produced by the BBC, Sir Stephen Fry was interviewed about his view on Sir Tim Bernerd-Lee (creator/inventor of the internet) and he said “Sir Time Berners-Lee should be daily thanked by everybody that gets any pleasure or profit out of the world wide web, for that supreme act of generosity, selflessness and idealism”

Completely Agree!

Mozilla Labs – Ubiquity

An experiment into connecting the Web with language.

I’m using this at the moment, its still in very early stages but seems to be working well.

Project Titan – Facebook Webmail?

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is working on a full webmail system to replace their current messaging platform, including full POP and IMAP support and a customized e-mail address. The codename for the new system: Project Titan.

In the TechCrunch post, Arrington suggests that Facebook has been working towards a webmail service for some time, expanding their messaging platform to be searchable and allowing Facebook users to send messages directly to non-Facebook e-mail addresses. The site has also shown interest in giving its users a more accessible and more complete online identity with the recent implementation of personalized URLs and the proliferation of Facebook Connect login on third party sites.

Project Titan would take this effort a step further, giving users a personalized e-mail address and letting them access it on Facebook itself or independently via POP and IMAP. Facebook already has 175 million peoplelogging into their site each day, but adding a true webmail solution would be a strong step in their transformation from a centralized communications hub to a broader platform for staying connected online. [TechCrunch]

10.5 Maintenance

Looking at different types of maintenance in Software Development.

There are three main categories of system maintenance.

“Corrective Maintenance”

Gets rid of bugs or errors that might take some time to show up. Often this is implemented by downloading corrective patches from websites.

“Adaptive Maintenance”

Systems may be adapted to changing requirements. For example the client might require something new to be added to the system – for example multi user. This can be likely if and liable if user involvement hasn’t been great during the design and research section of the product/report.

“Perfective Maintenance”

When systems can be made to work even better without changing its functionality. Continue reading